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Sports and swimming lessons

When does my child have sports and swimming lessons? What does it need for this?

We go swimming with all classes for one semester each in 2nd and 4th grade. All other semesters your child has physical education.

For both, make sure to send your child to school without jewelry for safety in class, and if they have long hair, provide them with a scrunchie.

A sports bag, sports shoes with light-colored soles, a sports shirt and shorts are required for sports lessons.
For swimming lessons, in addition to swimming trunks/bathing suits, only a towel, a 2-in-1 shower gel and, if you have long hair, a hairdryer, as well as clothing that is always appropriate for the weather (e.g.
Swimming lessons are held in the outdoor pool between May and September, and in the indoor pool the rest of the year.
If the weather is not suitable for swimming in the outdoor pool, we will decide at short notice on other activities such as a walk in the city park or on the LaGa grounds. In that case, please send your child to school with swimming gear anyway.