Reading sponsorship


Teachers enable students to read the world around them. This includes letter comprehension, vocabulary development, grammar and sentence structure development, and more.
Most important, however, is reading. Teachers are not solely responsible for this, but also the children's parents.

In order to provide an even better guarantee that students are reading, there are reading sponsorships. Here, a reading mentor takes over a patronage for a certain class of the Buterland School. Selected children of the class then read at regular intervals (e.g. once a week) with the reading mentor.

These encourage reading skills through entertaining reading times within the school day. They are available to the students when questions arise or reading falters. Such opportunities to talk about the texts read are also a very important aspect of this sponsorship.
Not only is fluent reading specifically trained in such moments, but also prosody (volume, tempo and speech melody).

In addition to strengthening reading skills, such sponsorship also touches on social relationships. Pupils notice that people take time for them. This is precisely why the children look forward to this special time in their school day.

This complementary pedagogical work is very important for all involved:

  • Here, generations meet and are given the opportunity to exchange experiences.
  • intensive support for students who still find it difficult to read.
  • This allows teachers to support more students while other children are reading.

Criteria for a reading sponsorship are:

  • an extended certificate of good conduct
  • (regular) time within the week in the period 08:00 to 11:30
    (however, reading time can be arranged individually, e.g. from 08:00 to 09:00)