School dog Luna

Social pedagogue in the school entrance phase

School dog

School entry phase and school dog

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Maybe your children have already told you about her - Luna, the school dog of Buterland School.

Since the dog moved in on March 9, 2021, Luna has supported our pedagogical work and already enriches the school day by her mere presence and always puts a smile on our faces when she greets us with her tail wagging. Here is just a small glimpse of her positive impact:

Luna primarily accompanies the pedagogical work of Mrs. Terhürne and Mrs. Huesmann in the learning studio.

And some more important information:

  • Luna is a Tibetan Terrier and because of her non-hairy coat she is especially suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • The Tibetan Terrier is an excellent family and companion dog due to its adaptability, affection and calm nature. He has a high level of comprehension and intelligence. He impresses with his engaging nature and charm.
  • Luna receives regular veterinary examinations and has adequate vaccination coverage (documentation available at the school in the visiting dog folder).

If you have an allergy to animal hair or dog phobia (increased anxiety), please let us know so that we can take this into account.