Facade with the inscription "Buterland School".


The past of the Buterland School (until 2023)

the old school building of the Buterland School surrounded by trees
The Buterland school from 1839-1909

The Buterland School is one of the oldest schools in Gronau. It was first mentioned in documents in 1718. Over the years, the school building was repeatedly rebuilt and extended.

Until 1898, it was still attributed to the Epe area. Initially, it was a one-class "Schule zu Buterland".
Since 1998, lessons have even been held at two different locations: Once in the Buterland school itself and once in the Ludgerus building.
From 1998, the Catholic elementary school and later elementary school became a community elementary school, which then also had an additional building.
For some time now, the year groups have been expanded by one class and so the Buterland school has become a three-grade school.

The main building of the Buterland School in 1929
Picture postcard of the Buterland School in Gronau from 1929

Old building from right, lateral view
The Buterland School today

School life has changed over time. The Buterland School is a place of learning and living together. Pupils should feel at home in this place. They should also have fond memories of their time there later on. The building and "their" Buterland School should be familiar to them.

The old building, built over 100 years ago, will soon have to make way for a new building. Nevertheless, we as a school can happily say that this building has provided young people with education and joy for many generations.