The big conversion


The big conversion

Fall 2023

In the fall of 2023, the first playground equipment for the container landscape was dismantled. From that moment on, the schoolyard was purely a place for construction fences. A passageway was created for the trucks, resulting in two zones in the schoolyard. Because there was so little space, the "staggered break" was created again. The third and fourth years had their break first, followed by the first and second years. Such breaks already existed during the COVID pandemic. From December 2023, there was once again a communal schoolyard for all pupils.

December 2023

In December, the new "buildings" were constructed from containers. Pupils will be taught there until the old school building is rebuilt or reconstructed. Initially, the third and fourth years will move into this landscape. However, the classes that have already been taught in the existing containers will also move in.

January 2024

The principal's office and the secretary's office move into the "new" building. Everything has to be packed and labeled in moving boxes. The janitor's materials and the teaching materials are gradually being moved.

February 2024

The first cables for internet and fire protection have been laid. The first lockers have also been installed in the temporary school building. These come from the Euregio School in Gronau. The janitor, Mr. Kortbus, already has all his tools in his new room. If teachers need material for lessons, some of it has already been "moved".

March 2024

New whiteboards were supplied for the new classrooms. A distinction has been made between the lines and sizes of the boxes: large lines and boxes for the first and second grades and small lines and boxes for the third and fourth grades. In addition, the materials from the moving boxes (January 2024) are back on the shelf. The shelving is now in the container unit.
The play equipment from the former school playground has finally found a place on the grounds again. However, the foundations still need to harden.

April 2024