Facade with the inscription "Buterland School".

Support group

Support group

The "Förderkreis Buterlandschule in Gronau e.V." was founded in June 1994 on the initiative of the school caretakers. According to its statutes, its aim is to "promote the pupils of the Buterland School". The Förderkreis supports the school both materially and ideally and relies on donations and membership fees. The minimum membership fee is only €15 per year and can be claimed for tax purposes. You can specify a higher membership fee.


  • Chairwoman and contact person: Ms. Mengelkamp
  • Treasurer: Mrs. Winters
  • Secretary: Mrs. Targas
  • Assessors: Ms. Kleine Ruse, Ms. Hischfeld, Ms. Rymar and Ms. Wissing.

If you would like to become a member or support the Förderkreis in any other way, you can find our membership form here .

With the help of contributions and donations, the Förderkreis has made many purchases and developed many activities. Here are just a few examples:
Footballs, free work materials, language games, teaching and learning materials, equipping the class library with new books, encyclopedias and dictionaries, shelves for all classes, play equipment, benches and much more. In addition, the Förderkreis supports the school in organizing project weeks, theater performances and author readings as well as sports festivals on the sports field each summer. In addition, it organizes an annual lecture evening, usually in the autumn, on various topics of interest to parents and teachers. Since November 2004, every pupil in the third and fourth grades has received a cost subsidy of €10 for school trips lasting several days.

Status: 2023/2024