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Work in the third and fourth year

Multi-professional team in joint learning at elementary school

Multi-professional team

Since the 2021/2022 school year, schools have had a special job for the third and fourth grades. This is called "multiprofessional specialists in joint learning at elementary school". There are many situations at school that go beyond the normal mode of teaching. Mr. Zellner has been taking care of this since February 2023.

His areas of responsibility in the third and fourth year:

  • Support in the classroom
    • Creating a positive and productive learning atmosphere (team teaching)
    • Strengthening and promoting self-esteem
    • Promotion of basic skills (reading, arithmetic, etc.)
    • Accompanying children who need help with learning or need to be challenged
    • Implementation of small social training sessions, class council
    • Co-designing lessons so that all students can learn well
    • Contact person for students with problems that they do not want to share with the class teacher
  • Contact for
    • Consultations of various kinds
    • Parents when class leaders (3rd and 4th year) are ill
    • Advice on secondary schools
    • Questions about education and school
    • Website and associated public relations
    • Digitization and media technology issues of all kinds