Facade with the inscription "Buterland School".


Church service for enrollment

At the beginning of the first school year, the first graders of the Buterland School had the opportunity to celebrate a service in the music room together with Thomas Klümper from the Catholic parish of St. Antonius Gronau and Lukas Knee from the Protestant parish of Gronau/Westf.

With their teachers, teachers and parents they spoke in prayer for a successful school time, which now begins for them. Thomas Klümper and Lukas Knee used the metaphor of mountain climbing to try to make the children understand what path now lies ahead of them. Like little mountaineers, they are now climbing hand in hand their very own personal, scholastic mountain, which will hold many beautiful, but perhaps also less beautiful experiences for them.

One thing that will certainly remain in the children's memories is the original mountaineering equipment that some of the students already knew from visits to the climbing forest, among other things. This stood in the service for faith in God and that we can trust in his support even in difficult situations. By singing different songs, the sense of community of the panda, seahorse and owl classes was strengthened, so that they also always stand by each other. All the people involved in the everyday school life at Buterland School wish the school beginners an exciting time at school and always stand by them.