Facade with the inscription "Buterland School".


Many questions about rescue and life

from left: J. Doods, L. Jager

The third year dealt with the topic of first aid in science lessons. They learned the recovery position, how to apply bandages and how to apply plasters correctly. L. Jager was invited to conclude the series of topics. He has been working for the fire department in Gronau for several years.

After a brief welcome, L. Jager presented a video of the fire station in Gronau. The new building was presented, everyday life in the fire station was explained and the use of the vehicles was illustrated. The functions of the various safety outfits were also shown.

After the video, the students were able to ask questions about working as a firefighter.

Of course, L. Jager also had his uniform with him. He put this on at the end of the event. This also included a breathing mask on his face and an oxygen cylinder on his back.

The video of the Gronau fire department is also available here: