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Healthy and active in sports

Project week

Health and mobility

In the first week of March, the pupils at Buterland School dealt with the topics of "healthy eating" and "vitality". The company Trixitt has come up with something special for this. The focus is on exercise and awareness of nutrition.


Student report by Madlin and Alexandra from 4b:
On Monday, 4b and 4c played basketball together and scored points together. At the next station, 3a played soccer against 3b. The 3a won 1:0. The children enjoyed the soccer game. The last station was an obstacle course. There the 3c ran against the 4a. Mr. Zellner won a race against Mrs. Targas. At the beginning and during the breaks, the children did sports exercises. The children seemed to have enjoyed the first day.


Student report by Madlin and Alexandra from class 4b:
To start with, the children sang the song Komet by Udo Lindenberg and Apache 207. They did exercises to go with it. Then the children did warm-up exercises and played a game.
The first station was called "kangaroo jump". The two classes first jumped a long way and then threw a ball into a target.
At the next station, the children had to play "two fields ball" against each other. This was all about fairness.
There was a workout in the sports hall in the first round. In the second round, the children relaxed there. A story was read aloud and everyone relaxed to it.


Student report by Madlin and Alexandra from class 4b:
On the third Trixitt day, the children started with a warm-up game. Then the training games began. At 11 o'clock, the 4b played dodgeball against the 3b. It is not known exactly who won.
At 11:20, the 3b and 4b were at the table football station, which is like the table football table, only with people. The ball went back and forth. But then the 4b finally won 5:2.
The last station was called slalom bull's eye. The children first ran in a slalom and drew a card with healthy or unhealthy foods. Then they had to pick a ball and throw it into the correct garbage can (healthy or unhealthy garbage can).
The third day was another success for many of the children. Let's see what Trixitt has in store for us over the next few days.


Student report by Madlin and Alexandra from 4b:
On the fourth day with Trixitt, the children did their usual warm-up exercises, but this time with music and dance.
Afterwards, 4b and 4c rehearsed a dance that will be the highlight tomorrow at the Schützenplatz. So don't miss it tomorrow!!!
At 11:20, the 4b and 4c had to fetch water from a bucket, run over and tip it into another bucket. This was all about sustainability. The aim was to waste as little water as possible. The water was then used to water the plants.
At the end, the children from 4b and 4c played flour ball. It was an exciting game, but eventually the 4c won 3:2. In the second round, however, 4b won 5:0. Trixitt is great fun for the children and we hope to see you there tomorrow.

Friday Final day!!

From 8 a.m., the classes had breakfast for themselves. The children brought a particularly healthy breakfast with them. This breakfast was particularly important, because from 9 a.m. the sporting activities started on the nearby Schützenplatz. After a short warm-up exercise, it was time for the previous stations. Trixitt once again set up all the stations from the previous week for the students. In between, the pupils were able to refresh themselves at the fruit and vegetable counter. This resulted in healthy fruit and vegetable skewers.
From 11 a.m., parents were also invited to support their children during the project week.
After the certificates were distributed, the grand finale took place. The children lined up to dance. The children had practiced this dance the day before. The finale was a complete success. Everyone was full of enthusiasm, even the teachers.

These project weeks can be summarized as follows: Healthy food and the body must be moved!!!
Perhaps this will be reinforced from now on when all students ride their bikes to school?!!

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