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Parents' evening on "Dangers on the net"

Children are getting older and want a smartphone, tablet or other digital device. At first, you might think this is a good idea. Parents can text with their child at any time and ask what they are doing. This also means that it is no longer a big problem for pupils to communicate with each other. However, this also opens up a new world for the child. This world needs to be explored with parents and the school. This goes beyond the normal operating skills.

On Tuesday afternoon, Michael Wanning informed parents about the dangers that can be hidden behind this. He is a police officer and is responsible for youth protection at the Borken police department. He showed the parents how easy it is for children to become accomplices and get involved in criminal activities.

Children can...

  • inappropriate content is displayed in search engines.
  • unintentionally share personal data or photos with strangers.
  • disregard legal principles.

Michael Wanning tried to sensitize parents in this regard. Parents should be involved in their children's interests and, if necessary, try out their children's digital content. This can be an app used by the child. However, parents should also regularly ask their children which people they communicate with via their smartphone, the Discord channel and much more. It is important that parents communicate with their children about the devices they use.

Parents have a duty to protect their children from pornographic, violent or inappropriate content. Parents should therefore constantly educate their children about the use of the internet and its content.

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