Facade with the inscription "Buterland School".


Church visit during the Advent season

Children walk in a line through the city towards the Protestant church
on the way to church through the town

On Wednesday, 13.12.2023, the Buterland School celebrated a church service. Despite the not so nice weather, everyone arrived safely at the Protestant town church. Deaconess Jennifer Feldevert-Höveler and Pastor Thomas Klümper were waiting there.

The focus of the whole event was the Advent season, which heralds the Christmas season. The Christmas story was at the center of this. However, instead of reading it from the Bible as usual, the story was approached in a different way. The two priests asked the pupils what the Christmas story was about. The story was put together by a wide variety of children.

Pastor and deacon talk to the pupils in the pews

But before the Christmas season is the Advent season. This was also the theme of the service. The Advent calendar and the Advent wreath were explained and illustrated. The four Sundays of Advent were even given a "little door" in the service. Hidden behind each of these was a special feature of the Advent and Christmas season. Ears, a nose, a mouth and a heart were depicted. These pictures stood for positive and friendly things and actions that happen between people. For example, the pupils said that people hear or say kind words, smell the delicious scent of cookies or receive kind compliments that fill the heart. There were many more ideas from the children.

Between the prayers, the Christmas story and much more, there was of course also singing. So that the pupils could all sing along on the day, the songs were practiced diligently in school in advance. Deacon Lukas Klee played the guitar. He was accompanied by music teacher Ms. Dalhaus, who practiced the songs with the children in class.

We wish everyone a peaceful Advent season and happy holidays.