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Reading for a good cause

The ability to read is very important in order to understand and cope with the world. However, the students are currently reading for much more. They collect money from every book or text they read, no matter how small. However, reading alone does not earn the money. They have to answer questions about their text on the antolin website.

Their sponsors then pay a certain amount for each unit of points collected. Until January, the students have enough time to read at home and at school to collect as many points as possible in the program.

The reason for this reading fundraiser is the project week next spring. During this time, an external company will visit the school and teach important topics relating to exercise and healthy eating.

The school's support association naturally also supports this campaign. Because they cannot finance this alone, this campaign has been launched. It is important to us, the staff at the Buterland School, that such important topics are professionally communicated to the pupils.

On March 1, the money collected was handed over to the Förderkreis. A total of 5936.90€ was collected. The child from the class with the most points was chosen for the handover. These pupils received a special certificate for their achievement.