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Trumpet, jazz and buterland

Jazz tends to have fewer points of contact with the lives of children. At the 36th Jazz Festival, however, the pupils of the Buterland School had the chance to experience handmade jazz music. This type of event was only possible thanks to the work of Sabine Thünenkötter from the City of Gronau's cultural office. But the Kulturstrolche initiative was also the basis for this event. This was an event for all schools in Gronau and Epe. In total, over 600 pupils from various schools took part in the trumpeter's concert.

There was also an interview between Nils Wülker's performances. This was conducted by children from the third year. Lars (3a), Henri (3b) and Delicia (3c) asked the musician about his life. These questions were collected and sorted beforehand in the respective classes. They were about the instruments, jazz and everything about Nils Wülker.

When the question of how to learn to play the trumpet came up, the three pupils were able to try it out for themselves. They were able to play a brass instrument by Nils Wülker. This resulted in rather strange and quiet sounds. In the further course of the event, the trumpeter showed how loud and aggressive tones and at times quiet and calm tones come out of his favorite instrument.

But the children also loved the lighting technology. This once again underscored the atmosphere of a real concert, but also matched the music.

This event was visibly a pleasure for everyone and brought the children closer to the world of music in a special way that is not possible in normal music lessons and everyday school life.

WDR was also present. After the concert, the journalists asked Lars, Henri and Delicia what they thought of the concert and what they found particularly interesting.