We are available for brief discussions via the familiar channels before or after class. Our experience has shown that instead of fixed office hours, personal and individual appointments are more effective. Please feel free to call or speak to us for more intensive discussions to arrange an appointment. Increasingly, we are also available by email.


S. Hüning

Mrs. Hüning (acting head of school, teacher)


Mrs. Albers-Schreurs

Mrs. Albers-Schreurs (subject teacher)


Mrs. Busch

Ms. Busch (teacher, 2nd chairwoman of the OGS)


Mrs. Dalhaus

Mrs. Dalhaus (class teacher of 3a)


J. Doods

Mrs. Doods (class teacher of 4b)


S. Elfert

Mrs. Elfert (class teacher of 2c)


Mrs. Fortmann (class teacher of 1a)


V. Gelking

Mrs. Gelking (class teacher of 1c)


W. Huesmann

Mrs. Huesmann (teacher for special education)


P. Kör

Mr. Kör (teacher for Syrian Orthodox religious education)


J. Krage

Mr. Krage (class teacher of 1b)


B. Melchers

Mrs. Melchers (class teacher of 3b)


Mrs. Overmeyer

Mrs. Overmeyer (class teacher of 2b)


L. Rüschhoff-Nadermann

Mrs. Rüschhoff-Nadermann (class teacher 2a)


Ms. Saalmann (school social worker)


B. Targas

Mrs. Targas (class teacher of 4c)


U. Terhürne

Ms. Terhürne(social pedagogue in the school entry phase)


M. TImmer

Mr. Timmer (class teacher of 2c)


Y. Vorsphol

Mrs. Vorspohl (class teacher of 4a)


J. Zellner

Mr. Zellner (teacher for the third and fourth year)